Dakota Johnson Might Crash Your Wedding, Even If She Wasn’t Technically Invited

The next time you’re at a wedding — maybe even your own — take a look around. Dakota Johnson might be there requesting Talking Heads at the DJ table, or patiently waiting for a slice of cake, or gossiping about Ellen (mostly like gossiping about Ellen).

Like DMX, Taylor Swift, and Barack Obama before her, The Lost Daughter star is a fan of crashing weddings. In fact, she called it “one of my number one hobbies” during a game of “Never Have I Ever” (not the very good show) with W Magazine.

“I feel like I’ve done that a lot,” Johnson said before sharing an anecdote about the time she danced the Hora at a Jewish wedding. “There I was, holding up the bride and groom in a chair. And they were just like ‘Who… what are you doing here?'”

Red Rocket standout Simon Rex, who also took part in the game, can relate.

He recalled: “I looked down off the balcony and there was a wedding going on and I thought, ‘That looks fun,’ so I went down and danced with people. It was good, weddings are fun, especially when you’re not the groom.”

Forget Vince and Owen. Let Dakota and Simon star in Wedding Crashers 2.

(Via W Magazine)