Is ‘The Boogeyman’ Based On A True Story?

After a long-ass wait (due to a certain global situation, no doubt), A Quiet Place writers finally saw their Stephen King short-story adaptation arrive in theaters this month. The Boogeyman‘s cast includes Yellowjackets‘ Sophie Thatcher along with David Dastmalchian and Chris Messina, and the atmospheric film might be the ideal counter programming amid the glut of superhero yarns.

That’s the case despite how phenomenal as a certain Spidey sequel turned out to be and how much King has thrown his weight behind the upcoming The Flash.

The Boogeyman revolves around a pair of sisters who begin to experience dreadful home intrusions (or possibly “manifestations”) following the death of their mother, which results in a conveniently distracted father figure. The fear of monsters crawling under beds, of course, is embedded throughout our collective consciousness, which means that you might not be able to sleep too well after watching this flick, but that’s part of the fun.

If you’re in the mood to get spooked, you might want to know whether you’ll also be justifiably looking over your shoulder while getting into bed at night. So, is The Boogeyman based upon a true story? Nope.

The film does, however, draw upon the everlasting Boogeyman/Bogeyman folklore that has persisted around the globe for centuries. The spoken-word nature of this nearly universal, closet-dwelling monster further reinforces it throughout generations, ensuring that even if it isn’t real, it sure has felt like it to many of us at times. In other words, be prepared to prop up a chair against the closet door if you watch The Boogeyman in theaters.