‘A Quiet Place’ Writers Are Turning A Stephen King Short Story Into A Feature-Length Movie


Horror maestro Stephen King called A Quiet Place an “extraordinary piece of work,” which meant a lot to the film’s writers, Scott Beck and Bryan Woods. King’s review was “the pinnacle of this whole process,” Beck said. “As lifelong Stephen King fans, that meant the world to us.” Imagine how they must feel today, after it was announced they’ll be the ones writing the movie adaptation of The Boogeyman, a short story from the author’s Night Shift collection:

King’s short story was first published in 1973 and later released as part of his 1978 Night Shift collection. The Boogeyman follows a man who recently lost all his children to a creature lurking in the closet. The Boogeyman has been a favorite of short filmmakers; it has been adapted into shorts seven times, in what King calls “dollar baby deals,” non-commercial and non-exclusive rights options that allow emerging filmmakers access to material they could never afford if they were paying retail.

Beck and Woods’ script will be the first feature-length adaptation, joining recent King titles like It, The Dark Tower, 1922, and Gerald’s Game, as well as the upcoming Pet Sematary, Doctor Sleep, and It: Chapter Two. This will not be the first Boogeyman movie, though. There’s also 2005’s Boogeyman, starring Barry Watson and Emily Deschanel (it made over $60 million!), and 1980’s The Boogeyman, which spawned two sequels, Boogeyman II and Return of the Boogeyman. That’s stiff Boogeyman or Boogeymen competition right there.

(Via Deadline)