James Gunn Caused Eyebrows To Raise By Revealing That His Spotify Wrapped List Contains A ‘Secret DC Project’ Clue

James Gunn is dropping more hints about his upcoming “secret project” for DC Studios. Along with producing partner Peter Safran, Gunn is now overseeing the revamped DC Universe, which he promises will be more “connected” going forward. Gunn has already delivered The Suicide Squad and the wildly popular spinoff series, Peacemaker, but he’s being coy about his next project.

However, based on his latest clue, it’s safe to say that Gunn will not be directing Man of Steel 2 as Henry Cavill returns to the fold as Superman. Gunn will presumably leave that task up to another creative team because none of the crumbs he’s tossing out are giving off Superman vibes. Case in point: The writer/director wanted to reveal his Spotify Wrapped list, but it apparently gives away too much about his “secret DC project.” Instead, Gunn teased fans by revealing that his list contains a whole lot of Hanoi Rocks, and he was labeled “The Adventurer” for seeking out “gems yet to be found.”

You can see Gunn’s cryptic tweet below:

Naturally, DC fans are already going wild trying to parse Gunn’s tweet for clues. The presence of “Sleaze Rock” sparked a whole lot of speculation that Gunn’s secret project could involve Lobo, who was far and away the most prominent presence in the replies:


Next on the list is Booster Gold. Longtime Gunn collaborator Nathan Fillion has expressed interest in the DC Comics character for years, so it’s a solid guess:


Finally, a few fans tossed out a dark horse contender, which actually jibes with an earlier Gunn tweet. The writer/director teased out a random photo of Mister Terrific back in November, and now, Gunn is hyping up the word “adventure.” That could be more than just a coincidence. Mister Terrific recently appeared in the critically acclaimed Tom King series, Strange Adventures, which focused on classic DC Comics character Adam Strange and his interactions with the Justice League. The whole story is definitely a gem waiting to be found.

(Via James Gunn on Twitter)