Warner Bros. Really, Really Wants Henry Cavill Back For ‘Man Of Steel 2’

As Black Adam prepares to drop later this week, Warner Bros. Discovery seems to be leaning very heavily on CEO David Zaslav’s desire to get Superman back on the big screen, preferably in the form of Henry Cavill. The Rock has all but confirmed that Cavill will be back in the tights sooner than later, and a new report is now claiming that Man of Steel 2 is in early development.

Via The Hollywood Reporter:

Under Warner Bros. Discovery CEO David Zaslav and Warner Bros. Pictures heads Michael De Luca and Pam Abdy, Warners has an intense desire to reprise the Cavill iteration of the hero. The project that would essentially be Man of Steel 2 is being produced by Charles Roven and is currently in a search for writers. (There is a wishlist, of course. And Christopher McQuarrie, the hand that guides the Mission: Impossible movies was on it.)

It should be noted that dreams of Man of Steel 2 happening seem to pop up every six to twelve months, so don’t get too excited about Cavill officially returning yet. That said, The Rock has reportedly been maneuvering behind the scenes to make it happen, so the sparkle of hope is a little bit brighter this time around.

While Warner Bros. might be keen on getting Cavill to come back, they seem to be less interested in any Batman that isn’t connected to Robert Pattinson. THR also reports that The Batman director Matt Reeves has been meeting with writers and directors to make films based on Batman villains. These spinoffs would be connected to the cinematic universe he kicked off with Pattinson’s character. Sort of a mini-Batman MCU if you will.

Of course, all of this hinges on Warner Bros. Discovery not imploding in the next two years and getting bought by Comcast. Just something to keep in mind before you get too excited about a Clayface movie.

(Via The Hollywood Reporter)