Jared Leto Wanted For The Role Of Lestat In ‘Interview With The Vampire’ Reboot

Earlier this week, Josh Boone (The Fault in Our Stars) hinted at the line up for his X-Men New Mutants movie and revealed the title page of the Interview with the Vampire reboot he’s co-writing. Besides leading Universal’s reboot of Anne Rice’s The Vampire Chronicles, Boone is also directing Stephen King’s Revival (and possibly also The Stand), so you can feel extra non-productive today.

But Boone wasn’t finished revealing details of his busy career on social media. He’s gone on to reveal who he’d like to cast as the vampire Lestat, and you know damn well it’s Jared Leto.

CAN YOU IMAGINE THE METHOD ACTING? So many bite wounds on that set, you guys. Just blood everywhere. And he can take a move from his Joker playbook and continue sending co-stars the gift of anal beads, because that seems like something Lestat would do, too. And it’s totally not inappropriate for the workplace, as evidenced by my still working here after last year’s Yankee swap.

That picture of Leto with blonde hair was originally posted by Leto one year ago, when he bleached his hair prior to dyeing it green to play The Joker in Suicide Squad. Of course, he’s not officially cast as Lestat, but we can’t blame Boone for trying to make that happen (I mean, for the set stories alone…).

(Via io9)