New Photos Of Jared Leto’s Joker Have Emerged, As Have The Cries To ‘Release The Ayer Cut’ Of ‘Suicide Squad’

In the five years (!) since Jared Leto’s Joker debuted his “DAMAGED” tattoo in 2016’s Suicide Squad, there’s been another, better Suicide Squad movie; Joaquin Phoenix won an Oscar for playing the Clown Prince of Crime; and Leto had a more nuanced, less-slimy crime-lord take on the character for Zack Snyder and made a Marvel movie.

But through it all, director David Ayer hasn’t given up on the world seeing Suicide Squad the way it was meant to be seen. “I made something amazing. My cut is intricate and emotional journey with some bad people who are sh*t on and discarded… The studio cut is not my movie,” he wrote in an open letter that was published before James Gunn’s well-received The Suicide Squad was released. Ayer has also been steadfast that Leto did “magnificent work” as the Joker, a claim he brought up again on Wednesday.

“Jared killed it. But no one knows,” Ayer tweeted, along with a never-before-seen photo of Leto’s Joker carrying a baseball bat. He shared more pictures on Instagram, including a close-up of Leto laughing maniacally and another where he’s holding a golden gun.

Twisted. The cries for Warner Bros. to release the Ayer cut have started all over again:

If you want to see a movie where Leto is caked in makeup, Gucci comes out this month.