The ‘John Wick 4’ Trailer Had Lots Of People Hyped For Wick Vs. Donnie Yen

The countdown to a John Wick 4 trailer is finally over. Thursday brought the first extended look at the next chapter in the favorite action movie franchise of both dog and horse enthusiasts, and while only the latter appeared in the preview, there was plenty to like all around.

The Keanu Reeves-led franchise has steadily expanded into an extended universe of sorts in the coming years, with a Continental-based TV show in the works and another prequel — an Ana de Armas-anchored Ballerina — set to feature the high-stakes assassin universe of Wick lore. That’s great news for fans, as the franchise has featured some outstanding action sequences with some very talented people.

Reaction to the trailer was almost universally positive, as was news that the film would hit theaters on March 24. There were some very meme-worthy screenshots in the trailer, for sure.

But mostly people were just excited that everyone’s favorite assassin is back in action.

The big reveal in the trailer was the general plot of John Wick 4, in which the titular character sets up a battle for freedom from the assassin game. But perhaps the biggest reaction to what we saw was a bit of casting news: Donnie Yen, the Hong Kong action star and anchor of the Ip Man franchise.

As Collider reported on Thursday, Yen will also square off against another legend, Hiroyuki Sanada, in the film. That alone has plenty of folks excited, and hopefully the trailer’s bullets-deflected-by-swords sequence will be enough to get fans through the long winter to come before John Wick 4 hits theaters.