Kristen Stewart’s Wild Vanity Fair Interview On Princess Diana Included A ‘Where Was Your F*cking Homie?’ For Good Measure

Hot off her Oscar nomination for Best Actress, Kristen Stewart opens up about channeling the sadness and physical turmoil of Princess Diana for her role in Spencer. According to Stewart, it was important to capture Diana’s intense loneliness from being a part of the royal family, which also left the actress dropping F-bombs about the whole situation.

“One of the remarkable things is that she was so friendless,” Stewart said. “I’m constantly going, ‘Where was your f*cking homie?'”

Stewart was also adamant about portraying Diana’s eating disorder, but when it came to making herself throw up on camera, she didn’t have the stomach for it. Vomiting on command just wasn’t in her repertoire. Via Vanity Fair:

Stewart sank as far as she could into every aspect of the princess’s pain, including her battle with bulimia. Spencer depicts her disorder frankly, showing her violently purging in a bathroom. “I wanted to make sure that was not glossed over,” says Stewart. She prepared herself beforehand and, in the scene, attempted to really purge. (“I’ll do f*cking anything.”) Larraín, who was operating the camera, pushed in on her anguished face, capturing the act, but Stewart struggled. “I couldn’t throw up on this movie, even when I really should have,” she says. “I felt like absolute shit and I could not get it up, and I know it was because my body was just like… the idea of that was so untouchable.”

Despite literally putting herself in Princess Diana’s shoes, Stewart admitted that even she can’t help but be mesmerized by media coverage of the royal family. When she learns that Prince Harry and Meghan Markle moved to California, she immediately finds herself caught up in the gossip.

“That’s so funny. I wonder where,” Stewart said before catching herself. “I’m no better than anyone! Of course I want to know.”

(Via Vanity Fair)