Daniel Craig’s Insane Alabama Heist Lord Is The Best Part Of Steven Soderbergh’s ‘Logan Lucky’ Trailer

Steven Soderbergh has done it all. He was an indie darling with Sex, Lies and Videotape, and even when Soderbergh broke into the mainstream, he was able to maintain his creativity. He released blockbusters like the Ocean’s series, won Oscars for Traffic (and was nominated for Erin Brockovich), brought the world Magic Mike and did it all on a budget. It’s no wonder he retired from making movies — there was probably no challenge left for him. But now, he’s back. The one thing that could get the acclaimed director to return? His personal kryptonite — the offer to make a heist movie, and this one is particularly odd.

Logan Lucky follows Channing Tatum and the one-armed Adam Driver as the bumbling Logan brothers. They’re planning to rob the pneumatic tube’s under a raceway with the help of Daniel Craig as an insane thief whose skills are needed to pull off the redneck caper.

The trailer has been blowing up Twitter, with just about everyone agreeing that, yes, it’s awesome that Steven Soderbergh is following in a long line of successful rappers and athletes by coming out of retirement, but Daniel Craig is the reason to see this movie the day it comes out. That accent.