Plot Details For Wolverine Movie ‘Logan’ Have Emerged

Yesterday, Hugh Jackman revealed the third Wolverine movie is called Logan, in theaters on March 3, 2017. He also tweeted a poster of Wolverine holding a little kid’s hand, and Logan director James Mangold posted the second page from the script, which revealed that this Old Man Logan is less powerful than he used to be, not always healing well. The stage direction for the script also pointed out the movie isn’t a “CG f*ckathon” and “people will get hurt or killed when sh*t falls on them.”

With that in mind, The Wrap spoke to an insider and obtained even more information — a lot more — about the plot to Logan.

Spoilers ahead.

According the The Wrap’s source, Logan is set in 2024, and mutant births are in severe decline for reasons unknown. Professor X is ill, with unstable powers and memory problems. The Wrap’s source also revealed which character Stephen Merchant is playing. He’s the Albino mutant Caliban who is helping Wolverine care for Professor X. In the comics, Caliban speaks in the third person and can sense the presence of any other mutants in a 25-mile radius. He can also absorb other people’s fear and become stronger, or turn their fear back against them to make them more frightened.

The Wrap also says a “government-type operation called Transigen” is turning mutant kids into assassins. The girl whose hand is in the poster is a young mutant Logan is mentoring. The Wrap says she has claws like Logan, but two claws instead of three. Yes, that does make it sound like that little kid seen in set photos is playing the Wolverine clone Laura Kinney (X-23). That would be a surprise to us, since we assumed X-23 would be older, both because of a casting call for an older adolescent to play a X-23-esque character and because I don’t want to see X-23 or Darth Vader or Boba Fett as a little kid.

But hey, maybe it wasn’t a little X-23 in the poster. Deadpool‘s Ryan Reynolds offered an alternate theory:

(Via The Wrap and Ryan Reynolds)