British Comedian Stephen Merchant Is Joining ‘Wolverine 3’

In a way, it is hard to believe that Hugh Jackman has been portraying Marvel superhero Wolverine for 17 years now, but the upcoming Wolverine 3 will be the final time that Jackman gets to call anyone “bub” while having retractable adamantium claws. While there have been some hits and misses when it comes to comic book adaptations, even if the X-Men films weren’t always great, Jackman’s Wolverine struck a chord with fans and he’s done such a fantastic job with it that people keep coming back for more.

Wolverine 3, which is slated for a March 3rd, 2017, release, has a pretty interesting cast that includes Patrick Stewart as well as Boyd Holbrook serving as the main villain already. According to Deadline, British comedian Stephen Merchant will be joining the cast of Wolverine 3, although his role hasn’t been made public just yet. Merchant is perhaps best known for co-creating the UK version of The Office alongside Ricky Gervais, as well as the comedy series Hello Ladies that ran on HBO that he both created and starred in.

Merchant is the kind of guy that works best when embarrassing himself, which there should be ample opportunity for inside of a testosterone-driven action film. Chances are that he’ll be some sort of nerdy scientist. Or a nerdy journalist. You know, he’ll just be a nerd. He has glasses.

(Via Deadline)