‘Longlegs’: All The Details You Need To Know For The Cryptic Serial Killer Movie Starring Nic Cage (Update For June 2024)

For every three “normal” Nic Cage movies (such as Renfield or The Croods) there is a curveball flick like (such as Mandy or Pig) that not only shows the actor’s impressive genre range, but allows him to have a classic Nic Cage blow up that has become so integral to modern American cinema.

Cage has a couple upcoming thrillers on the docket, but there is one that is shaping up to be a new horror classic. Importantly, Longlegs is different from the spider horror movie Sting that hit theaters earlier this year. Instead, it focuses on a brutal serial killer with ties to the occult. That spider is looking really friendly right about now.

Longlegs is the upcoming movie from actor/director Oz Perkins, who gained notoriety for writing and directing the 2016 Netflix supernatural thriller I Am the Pretty Thing That Lives in the House. He’s also the guy who got slapped by Elle Woods, but it was for good reason.

The movie takes inspiration from other classic serial killer stories, and early reactions are urging viewers to “say your prayers” so that’s what you’re in for this summer, should you choose to see Longlegs. Here’s everything you need to know.


Not much is known about the movie other than the obvious: you don’t want to encounter Longlegs, who is only shown briefly in the cryptic trailer. Neon has been promoting the movie by firing off a series of disturbing killings:

The film follows FBI Agent Lee Harker, who is tasked with tracking down the elusive serial killer. Through the course of the investigation, she learns that she might have her own personal connection with the killer, who is using the occult and some Zodiac Killer-style messages to lure his victims.

“So it’s Silence Of The Lambs but it’s also kind of Zodiac, it’s sort of Seven.” Perkins told GamesRadar earlier this month, revealing inspiration for the film. “There’s kind of a pattern, a cipher, the sort of things you recognize. I’ll say the word Manson early on in the movie, do you know what I mean? You make it fair. But then you do your truth on the other side.”


Cage leads the cast as Longlegs, a gruesome serial killer who is being hunted by the FBI. It Follows‘ Maika Monroe stars as FBI agent Lee Harker, who has been assigned to the Longlegs case. Kiernan Shipka, who worked with Perkins on The Blackcoat’s Daughter, stars as the Longlegs’ only known survivor, Carrie Anne. Blair Underwood, Dakota Daulby, Lisa Chandler and Erin Boyes also star.

While Cage is no stranger to over-prepping for movies, the director said that he completely transformed himself for the role. “By the time he gets to the set he’s unrecognizable,” Perkins revealed earlier this year. “He doesn’t sound like himself, he doesn’t walk like himself. So you have this element, like wind or fire, but it’s Nicolas Cage as your character.”

Release Date

The movie hits theaters on July 12th, 2024.


Check out the trailer below. Be warned: it’s not for lighthearted Cage fans. That’s what The Croods is for.