Oscar Isaac Dreamcast Another Actor To Accompany His ‘Amazing’ Grumpy Spidey After ‘Across The Spider-Verse’

Peter Parker is most well-known for being, well, a nerdy teen who likes to take pictures and has an affinity for science (and sometimes redheads). But the various Spider-Men in Across The Spider-Verse each have their own stories. Peter B. Parker, for instance, is a young dad trying to balance out his Spider-Man persona while on daycare duty. Then there’s Spider-Punk, who is a cool dude who plays guitar. There really is a Spidey for everyone.

Across The Spider-Verse introduces Spider-Man 2099 aka Miguel O’Hara, a non-nonsense grump who has to keep Miles Morales in line. This is quite the departure for Oscar Isaac, who voices O’Hara, as he is…. practically the opposite of a grumpy dude. He might even be a little ray of sunshine! Most of the time.

Isaac opened up to GQ about his new character, and why he was the one to bring O’Hara to life. “Miguel O’Hara is pretty amazing as a character,” Isaac said that that’s what attracted him to the voice role. “He’s got this particular unique quality to him, but there are lots of things about him that I think are very surprising and make him such his own thing. The fangs and claws and this violence that’s simmering underneath at all times? He’s just a really interesting character.” Even though O’Hara is a far cry away from Isaac’s more charming characters like our good friend Poe.

Even if fans don’t get any fun Spider-jokes in Oscar Isaac’s voice, he was happy to try out a different type of character. “I do think he gets to by the nature of him being the straight man, you know? So no, I wasn’t disappointed at all. There was so much to do there, we laughed so much. Finding the humor with someone that just is so serious can be really fun.”

Speaking of laughing, Isaac says that if he could bring another Spider on board, it would be Pedro Pascal as a “cranky, old Spider-Person.” Just imagine the dialogue between those two. It would be hard to look away.

Spider-Man: Across The Spider-Verse is in theaters now.

(Via GQ)