Hope You Liked ‘Red Notice’ Because There Are More, Presumably Even Redder Notices Coming To Netflix

Despite being a critical dud, Red Notice brought in huge numbers for Netflix thanks to its all-star cast of Ryan Reynolds, Gal Gadot, and Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson, so naturally, the streaming service is going back to the well with not just one sequel, but two sequels. Hey, people slapping on a movie in the background still counts as a view, buddy. Via Deadline:

Deadline hears the streamer is in the early stages of putting together a back-to-back shoot of two Red Notice sequels, with the hope to begin production in early 2023, dependent on deals and the schedules of its busy stars.

Sources said [Rawson Marshall] Thurber has begun writing.

Netflix would not comment, but sources said the plan is to bring back the star trio and add new characters to flesh out a heist-film ensemble reminiscent of the starry Ocean’s Eleven franchise.

The Red Notice sequels are an interesting development considering the original film was reportedly Netflix’s most expensive movie ever. However, despite being met with a mediocre reception, the film clearly found an audience as it quickly became a breakout hit for the streaming giant. Now, whether or not the sequels can do the same when the pandemic is (hopefully, god please) over will be the next big question, but you can’t deny the star power of that cast. Deadpool, Wonder Woman, and… let’s go with Black Adam in one movie? How do you resist that?

(Via Deadline)