‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Is Coming Back To Theaters In A ‘More Fun Stuff’ Version

When it came out late last year, Spider-Man: No Way Home lifted the box office curse that afflicted so many before it. Audiences weren’t returning to theaters in droves, not like they had before a certain public health crisis. Now they were. And now they are again. But it looks like the web-slinger is coming back to theaters for another hurrah.

As per The Hollywood Reporter, No Way Home is returning to the big screen in early September in what’s called the “The More Fun Version.” What does that mean? It’s not entirely clear, but what’s known is the new cut will feature deleted and extended scenes for a movie that already runs two minutes longer than Goodfellas. The three filmic Spider-Men all appeared in a video for the re-release, each trying to claim the title of the real Spider-Man.

No Way Home reignited interest in Andrew Garfield’s take on Queens’ favorite fictitious son. The actor, who scored an Oscar nomination around the time the film was raking in millions, managed to keep his appearance a secret from most, including his former co-star Emma Stone. Meanwhile, the movie is still being debated. Benedict Cumberbatch recently argued that it’s not Doctor Strange who’s to blame for opening the multitude of madness but Peter Parker himself.

The “More Fun Version” of Spider-Man: No Way Home hits theaters on Sept. 2.

(Via THR)