Who Took The More ‘Chaotic’ Mirror Selfie: Glen Powell (And His Dog) Or Sydney Sweeney?

Glen Powell and Sydney Sweeney spent so much time pretending to have an affair while filming Anyone But You, when all they had to do was take photos with a cute dog. It would have been a lot easier.

The MVP of the Twisters marketing tour has been Brisket, a freaking adorable terrier poodle mix that Powell adopted last year. Ahead of the release of the not-a-sequel to 1996’s Twister, the actor paid tribute to his fuzzy friend on Instagram. “Shortly after being adopted, @hotbrisket joined the cast of Twisters and was quickly called ‘the Lassie of his generation.’ Rumors are swirling of him leading a Homeward Bound reboot that would crown him as Hollywood’s King of the Animal Kingdom,” Powell wrote (yes, Brisket has his own Instagram account with over 26,000 followers).

The Hit Man and Top Gun Maverick star also shared a number of photos of Brisket, including one where he’s holding the pup while standing shirtless in front of a mirror. It’s the final slide:

Not to be outdone, a day prior to Powell’s post, Sweeney shared her own mirror selfies. “i dont do mirror selfies often but when i do they are chaotic,” she wrote.

Who has the more chaotic mirror selfie: shirtless Glen Powell holding a confused-looking dog, or Sydney Sweeney wearing a bandana (?) as a top? This can only be settled in the Anyone But You sequel: Anyone But 2.

Twisters comes out in theaters on July 19.