The First Reactions To ‘The Flash’ Are Already Calling It One Of The ‘Best Superhero Films Of All Time’

The road to The Flash movie has been filled with too many speed bumps to count. From its early stages when it seemed to constantly switch writers and directors every other day to Ezra Miller’s problematic behavior that racked up several scandals in 2022. There was justifiable concern that the film would never see the light of day.

However, sensing a hit on their hands, the newly formed Warner Bros. Discovery continued to hold steady on the picture, which was reportedly killing it with audiences in test screenings. The studio desperately needs a theatrical hit, and The Flash could very well be that savior.

After dropping a well-received Super Bowl spot that wisely showcased Michael Keaton’s Batman, WB Discovery brought The Flash to CinemaCon where it bowled over theatrical distributors. Via Deadline:

Exclaimed Kentucky-based exhibitor Rick Roman, “The audience loved it. I thought it was very good — lots of humor. Emotional at the end with some people crying. I like how they brought in Batman to support the Flash. Smart move. The movie will have legs since people will see it more than once.”

One distributor even went so far to call it “probably one of the greatest superhero movies ever made,” and he was not alone in that thought. The critics who got to see an advanced screening of The Flash also heralded the film as one of the best in the genre thanks to a surprising amount of humor, heart, and of course, Keaton’s Batman, who one critic described as “chef kiss.”

You can see reactions from critics below:

The Flash races into theaters on June 16.

(Via Deadline)