Michael Keaton’s Batman Shows Up In ‘The Flash’ Super Bowl Trailer Amid Dueling Ezra Millers In The Multiverse

Director Andy Muschietti’s The Flash will arrive in spite of the all the odds. Those difficulties, of course, include the ongoing controversy associated with its star, Ezra Miller. Reports have indicated that the film has tested well with audiences, and there might be a major reason why: Michael Keaton’s Batman stands front and center in this trailer. For comic book lovers, this sure is a welcome sight after Keaton’s appearance in Batgirl got shelved, along with the rest of that movie in a puzzling fall 2022 move.

At this trailer shows, the title character attempts to save the multiverse (because these comic book universes cannot resist the multiverse), and this standalone DC/WBD picture finds its basis within the DC Comics Flashpoint event, which includes warring Batman and Superman versions. So, we can expect to see other Batmen and Supermen, but whether those incarnations include several more familiar faces (it sure looks like we’re getting a Batfleck) shall remain a mystery. We’ve got at least two Ezras, so there’s that as well.

WBD has enough faith in this movie to let it lead the way into the future of the Justice League heroes, who will fall in line under new DC Chief James Gunn. As for Miller, his string of unseemly behavior ended with a plea deal on trespassing charges. They’ll avoid prison time and have apologized for their actions while committing to improved behavior. And so, we’re getting Barry Allen coming to theaters soon.

The Flash will arrive on June 16, 2023.