The Rock Appeared In A Blink-And-You’ll-Miss-Him Moment To Show Off His ‘Black Adam’ Look

The Rock’s so happy about Black Adam. He’s finally on the brink of arriving in theaters for his long-gestating Shazam! spinoff, which he forecast years before the Zachary Levi-starring franchise flagship movie charmed the masses in 2019. Yet the actual reveals of The Rock as his beloved antihero (who was, at times, supervillainish in the comics) have been cagey, at best. He teased that he won’t be wearing a padded muscle suit, and DC Fandome showed off footage that showed a cloaked version (basically in a massive hoodie) of Black Adam with no real look at his suit or face.

Well, we’re seeing a little bit more now, literally a glimpse, of what The Rock looks like in his suit. “2022 is the year for heroes,” Warner Bros. tweeted with nods to The Batman, The Flash, and Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom. Behold, and seriously, don’t blink.

I mean, it’s more than we’ve seen before this moment. And it’s all the result of The Rock investing “[a]lmost two years of hard core, intense training, diet, character prep and execution” in physical prep atop his already impressive multiple-hours-daily in his home gym. The Rock also previously insisted that he “was born to play Black Adam,” and he’s thrilled to finally bring his “passion project” to life. It’s almost time.

Black Adam storms theaters on July 29.