The Rock Is Not Wearing A ‘Typical DC Or Marvel Padded Muscle Suit’ While Showing Off His ‘Black Adam’ Costume

There’s some unofficial rule out there in the comic-book movie realm that says this: part of the game of playing a superhero (or supervillain or antihero) means that Instagramming one’s “jacked” physicality is part of the game. Well, The Rock (who is generally ripped already, every day) is taking those “jacked” photos very seriously. He recently posted a rear view photo of his pumped-up state, and his legs are looking more ripped than usual, and it’s (partially) because he’s finally shooting his long-gestating Shazam! spinoff, Black Adam.

The Rock previously wrote that he’s invested “[a]lmost two years of hard core, intense training, diet, character prep and execution” on this antihero role, and now, The Rock’s getting real by ever-so-slightly shading those who cut corners to look jacked in their superhero costumes. Yep, he’s posting another view from the back to do so, although this one isn’t as cheeky. More relevantly, he’s pointing out the “the intricate and beautiful textured detail” of Black Adam’s body suit while adding that “(this is not your typical DC or Marvel padded muscle suit).”

Well… fair enough? Sure, it sounds a little braggy, but The Rock is nonetheless beloved. People love him when he’s in the ring calling people “jabronis” and shouting about what he’s “cooking.” They’re still gonna love him when he’s bragging about his muscles because, hey, he does the work. However, I find it very hard to understand what’s going on in the below photo. The Rock made sure to tell everyone that he got up early enough to smile at 3:46 am, which is… whew. I hope The Rock finds some time to relax.