Tom Holland Was ‘So Nervous’ To Meet His Fellow Spider-Men, According To Zendaya

Last summer, when everyone was debating on if Toby Mcguire and Andrew Garfield would actually make a cameo in Spider-Man: No Way Home, nobody was quite as nervous as Tom Holland was. Mcguire and Garfield’s appearances were kept a major secret from everyone, and when the former-spideys were expected to arrive on set, Holland was afraid of his arachnoid elders.

In a very pleasant Variety interview between Zendaya and Garfield, the two opened up about their time together on the top-secret set, which turned out to be an emotional but rewarding experience, when they weren’t goofing off and wearing fake butts. When asked about their intersecting storylines, Garfield explained, “I love the idea that maybe Tom’s Peter would’ve suffered the same fate as Andrew’s Peter if Andrew hadn’t have somehow come into that universe and learned from the mistakes of the past and made sure that my younger brother and his love didn’t have the same fate.”

Despite the emotions of their scenes together, Zendaya revealed how Holland really felt the first time the other Spider-men showed up to set. Holland allegedly didn’t want to overstep while in the presence of superhero royalty:

ZENDAYA: What was really funny when I think about it is Tom was so nervous about you guys coming in. He was like, “I don’t want to step on anyone’s toes.”

GARFIELD: He never let anything on to us. Me and Tobey were like, “This is Tom’s movie. It’s your guys’ movie.” And it was like, if we can help. … But it’s so funny because you guys were like, “We’re going to come and hang out with you at rehearsal.” I’m like, “What are these guys doing?”

ZENDAYA: That’s why we were there. We were there for emotional support.

GARFIELD: Very sweet.

ZENDAYA: We were like, “I think they don’t know how much fun we like to have when we’re doing this job.”

GARFIELD: It became evident very quick.

ZENDAYA: Fell right into the crew. I’m pissing myself laughing, but I was dying. You guys had me dying — like crying laughing — in between takes all the time.

GARFIELD: My brother’s treating COVID patients as we speak, and I’m wearing a lovely jacket talking about Spider-Man. But then he goes home and watches Spider-Man with his boys. Oh no. I’m just trying to justify my existence.

Hey, after a long few years, sometimes all the fans need is to sit and watch Spider-Man with the boys. And a lot of people did just that!

(Via Variety)