A Florida Man Scored A Guinness World Record By Going To See ‘Spider-Man: No Way Home’ Nearly 300 Times

Marvel movies, if you haven’t noticed, are a bit popular. Among the most beloved is the most recent one: Spider-Man: No Way Home, which in a very short amount of time became by far the biggest moneymaker since the pandemic began in 2020. But one person appears to like it more than most.

As per CNN, a Florida resident named Ramiro Alanis scored a Guinness world record after seeing the threequel a total of 292 times. Let’s break that down. No Way Home runs a whopping 148 minutes — that’s two minutes longer than Goodfellas! — meaning Alanis spent 720 hours, or 30 days, of his life watching multiple Peter Parkers try to save the multiverse. He estimates that cost him around $3,400 over the span of three months.

For his troubles, Alanis scored a very specific Guinness record: “most cinema productions attended of the same film.”

It’s not the first time Alanis nabbed that trophy. In 2019, he made news for seeing Avengers: Endgame a total of 191 times. (That’s nearly 580 hours, or about 24 days.) Alas, his first record was beaten last year by Arnaud Klein, who saw the French fantasy film Kaamelott: First Installment, featuring Sting, 204 times.

In any case, congrats! And please head to the gym because that’s a lot of sitting, and if you haven’t got your health you haven’t got anything.

(Via CNN)