A Third ‘Venom’ Movie Looks Like It’s Happening And Tom Hardy Worked On The Script Again

Venom: Let There Be Carnage was about as ridiculous as a superhero movie gets. In a good way, of course. Which is why more from Tom Hardy and his more viscous counterpart is welcome news to those following the actor on social media.

And as Hardy posted to his Instagram account on Thursday, he may be even more involved in a third installment of Venom than previous versions. The actor shared a title page of what certainly looks like a third Venom movie if you interpret the little drawing above the bylines to be the antihero Hardy has played in two movies in recent years.


Most interestingly, Hardy is once again listed with a writing credit on the project. Hardy had a “story by” credit on the Andy Serkis-directed Let There Be Carnage, and this time he apparently co-wrote the story along with Kelly Marcel, who wrote the screenplay for the first Venom sequel.

It certainly makes sense that there’s more Venom coming, as the movies have faired well at the box office and generally played well with audiences awash in more traditional superhero movies. We’ve also seen Venom pop up in some… interesting places in recent months, so there will be plenty of speculation about just what’s on the pages behind the one Hardy posted to Instagram as a very clear teaser.