Wanda Maximoff Returns In A ‘Multiverse Of Madness’ Featurette

Wanda Maximoff might be the best character in the MCU, not just because she has a lot of power and whatnot, but because she is the only character who lost their accent between two of the movies and then just kept going with it. That is acting! She is also the focus of the latest Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness featurette, as fans get a taste of what’s to come when the movie hits theaters next week.

“Part of the madness of the multiverse is that we get to see different realities,” producer Kevin Feige says. “And we see different versions primarily of Doctor Strange, but we do see other versions of Wanda Maximoff.”

Elizabeth Olsen returns to the big screen after her hit Disney+ series WandaVision became the first MCU television series. The show was set up as a prequel to the second Doctor Strange movie, so Wanda will seemingly play a big role in the movie, alongside Doctor Strange himself, Benedict Cumberbatch. “It’s magical. She owns that character so well,” Cumberbatch says of Olsen’s portrayal of Wanda. “It’s a very powerful performance with a very powerful character.”

Doctor Strange In The Multiverse Of Madness is the latest contribution to Marvel’s Phase Four of the post-Infinity War saga. AKA, everything after Robert Downey Jr. left to pursue his dreams of becoming a Christopher Nolan star. The movie hits theaters on May 6th. Check out the clip above.