When Will ‘In A Violent Nature’ Be On Streaming?

There are more than enough movies from the POV of victims, but what about the serial killers themselves?? Don’t you want to walk a mile in their bloody shoes? That’s the basic premise of In a Violent Nature, the gory new horror film from IFC and Shudder.

In a Violent Nature follows a ruthless killer who stalks and kills locals who are looking to have a relaxing summer on the lake, which has historically been a very bad idea.

The film made its debut earlier this year at Sundance, where it was described as an “ambient slasher” due to its lack of score. Here is the synopsis: “The enigmatic resurrection, rampage, and retribution of an undead monster in a remote wilderness unleashes an iconic new killer.”

Shudder picked up streaming rights for In a Violent Nature back in January, before it was granted an initial release. The movie hits theaters on May 31, but if you aren’t bold enough to witness the slaughters on a giant screen, perhaps waiting until it hits streaming is the move for you.

While the official streaming date has not been announced, other Shudder horror exclusives like Late Night with the Devil and Skinamarink landed on the streamer roughly four weeks after their initial theatrical release. This means that In a Violent Nature could land on Shudder on or around June 28. Of course, this depends on how well the film does in theaters, which depends on how many people end up walking out. It’s a toss up.

Check out the chilling trailer below: