21 Savage’s Trademark Chains Are The Latest Knockoffs To Appear On Walmart’s Website

Walmart’s website strikes again. Just a day after Lil Baby snapped on the retailer for offering a knockoff of his signature 4PF chain, another Atlanta rapper found his own trademark looks up for sale. However, that rapper — 21 Savage — merely chuckled to himself and Lil Baby, posting a screenshot of the bootleg chains on his Instagram story with laughing emojis and a cryptic reply.

The product in question is a two-chain set — which is ironic, considering 2 Chainz was one of the first Atlanta rappers to get ripped off back in 2017 — featuring 21’s “Savage” and hockey mask pendants, retailing at $39.99. 21, laughing off the poor-quality duplicates, told Lil Baby, “We finna own 1,” although whether he was referring to one of the chain sets or a branch of the family-owned Walmart he left to the imagination.

Of course, Walmart, like Amazon, allows third party retailers to “rent” space on its site to sell their goods, so there is likely another culprit than the still-controversial Walton family — nothing a cease-and-desist couldn’t handle. However, it has been pretty funny to watch rappers’ signature looks pop up on the website of a brand which once refused to carry uncensored versions of their albums.

Meanwhile, on the music front, 21 Savage recently teased an upcoming video with Gucci Mane and last appeared on “Secret” with Summer Walker. He’s been hard at work on Savage Mode 2 with Metro Boomin.

Check out 21 Savage’s reaction to having his Slaughter Gang chain knocked off above.