Bhad Bhabie Plans To Remove Her Six Tattoos Dedicated To Chief Keef Because She’s ‘Sick Of His Sh*t’

Subscribers to Bhad Bhabie’s surprisingly lucrative OnlyFans account may notice some changes the next time they log in. The Florida-born rapper said she plans to get a half-dozen of her signature tattoos removed — and that all of them pertain to Chicago rapper Chief Keef. Bhad Bhabie was a guest on Emily Ratajkowski’s podcast, High Low With Emrata, and told the host that she had accumulated six tattoos dedicated to Keef, but intended to get rid of them because she was “sick of his sh*t.” Bhabie and Keef were rumored to have dated in 2020.

“I have Chief Keef’s birthday, his last name, his name, his nickname, and I have ‘CK’ on my ankle, then I have his last name right here,” she said. “Actually, I just covered his birthday, and then I have ‘So’ on my ear, and then I have ‘Keef’ on my wrist… I’m getting them removed. I’m just tired of being delusional. I’m so over it.”

Later in the interview, she also addressed the plastic surgeries that drew criticism from fans throughout her career. “I had two rounds of [silicone] ass shots when I was 16 that did nothing,” she said. “I didn’t start getting any kind of shape to my body until I started gaining weight. I gained, like, 25 pounds in, like, two weeks. It just happened. I don’t know how it happened. I’ve never gotten my boobs done. I’ve had lip filler.” The criticism and accusations of “Blackfishing” led to her taking a social media hiatus and later getting into a heated debate with Lil Yachty about cultural appropriation.

Via Complex.