Bhad Bhabie Didn’t Really Make $52 Million From OnlyFans — But It’s Pretty Damn Close

When social media star turned rapper Bhabie Bhabie bragged that she’s earned over $50 million from OnlyFans since starting her account a little over a year ago, there were plenty of people who expressed doubt online. The 19-year-old, who basically lives on social media, has since responded to her skeptics, posting receipts on Instagram that show that while her net income from the site is less than $50 million figure, it’s not far off — and her gross profits are indeed well over it before OnlyFans takes its cut.

Of course, those figures are pretty much in line with the totals that she boasted when she started the account in April 2021, just days after her 18th birthday. She said that in the first six hours, she’d accumulated over $750,000 in subscriptions and $250,000 from message payments, giving her $1,000,000 on her first day. While that kind of earning was likely unsustainable long-term, a year later, she’s made a little under a million a week, proving that whatever people say about her, plenty of them are willing to pay to follow her antics.

Even if they weren’t, she has plenty of other revenue streams besides OnlyFans and music, including her investments in a dating app alongside her mentor Lil Yachty. Bhad Bhabie may still be a controversial figure six years after her viral moment on Dr. Phil, but no one can say she hasn’t made the most of her humble, meme-ready beginnings.