Blimes And Gab Take It Back To The ’80s In Their Surreal ‘Shellys (It’s Chill)’ Video

Hip-hop’s new favorite aunties are back with the video for their latest single. Blimes And Gab, who just released their debut album Talk About It last Friday, take a radical journey back in time to the 1980s for their synthwave-y “Shellys (It’s Chill)” video, inhabiting a world of neon, DeLoreans, side ponytails, and lots of spandex as they explain just what a “Shelly” really is.

As it turns out, it’s their tongue-in-cheek title for the type of girl who is “always drunk, walking out of the club with her shoes in her hand,” and engages in annoying, self-centered behavior like FaceTiming at “3am from the club, crying.” And just in case the group’s chat outside of a nightclub doesn’t hammer home the point, we see a few examples of exactly the type before the video gets really surreal, with Gifted Gab shooting lasers from her eyes and Blimes doing a Johnny Cage shadow kick on a man with a t-rex for a head. If you liked the ’80s-riffing short film Kung Fury, this one’s for you.

Despite the economic downturn brought on by the outbreak of the coronavirus, indie faves Blimes And Gab are having a breakout year. Their song “Feelin It” was featured in the recent season of HBO’s Insecure and appears on the soundtrack, substantially raising their profile and proving they could expand their range after their viral hit “Come Correct” endeared them to the backpacker set. With a versatile debut packed with songs like “Feelin It” and “Shellys” as well as more rap-centric fare, it turns out Blimes and Gab have a more universal appeal that should make them stars in no time at all.

Watch Blimes and Gab’s “Shellys (It’s Chill)” video above.

Talk About It is out now via B.A.G. Enterprises. Get it here.