Blueface Thinks Tekashi 69’s Former Bodyguards Are Smart For Not Working With Him Anymore

Tekashi 69 is set to be released from prison in a few months. Once he is a free man, he will need a beefy personal security team around him, but finding the right personnel might be an issue. Some of his former security guards reportedly said recently that the wouldn’t work with him now, because the risk involved with protecting him isn’t worth it. Blueface feels the same way: He recently said that Tekashi’s former security guards are smart for staying away from Tekashi.

TMZ caught up with Blueface and asked him about his thoughts on Tekashi’s former security guards refusing to work with him again, and he said, “They smart, them some smart bodyguards.” When asked why he thinks that way, he responded, “That’s life or death.” He also said that Tekashi is “over with,” and that he would not collaborate with the rapper.

Tekashi isn’t even out of prison yet and he already feels unsafe. He reportedly asked to serve the remainder of his sentence outside of prison, and his lawyer wrote, “As a result of Hernandez’s cooperation with the government against multiple gang members with the Bloods, Hernandez’s safety is still, and will continue to be for the foreseeable future, seriously at risk. […] Even at the private jail, Hernandez is still housed with various members of the Bloods.”