There’s Very Little Separation Between Kevin Bacon And His Britney Spears Catsuit In This New Commercial

Britney Spears-related nostalgia is peaking, thanks to the singer releasing her first new album since 2011’s Femme Fatale (We don’t talk about Britney Jean in these parts). Spears’ upcoming VMA performance is bringing her snakecharmer routine back into the headlines and she brought a blast of turn-of-the-century pop to Carpool Karaoke, so you knew it wouldn’t be long before the bae-iest brands cashed in. That’s where Apple Music and EE come in, dropping this groan-worthy ad that gives us the indelible image of Kevin Bacon going full sex kitten in Spears’ iconic red catsuit.

Thankfully for the viewer and the 58-year-old Bacon, it looks like his version of the “Oops, I Did It Again” outfit is a little less snug than the one worn by Spears in 2000. Bacon’s on record as an atheist, but that doesn’t mean we need to see his religion.

Outside of cheesy ads, Britney’s making waves with a string of singles and an upcoming (unauthorized) Lifetime biography. However, her fans are most excited about the idea of Britney performing at the Super Bowl for the first time since the gigantic clusterf*ck of stars that was the 2001 Halftime Show. Breathe Heavy forum diehards went more than a little nuts after Britney said would probably accept an offer to perform.

(Via Idolator)