Brockhampton Continues To Tease Their Final Album With A New Trailer

New Brockhampton music is on the way, and you better cherish it, because as the band has teased several times, their upcoming seventh album will be their last. Following a performance at Coachella, Brockhampton shared a trailer on social media, further teasing the band’s swan song.

In the video, Brockhampton founder Kevin Abstract sits at a table across from the boys of Brockhampton, prepared to have what appears will be an intense conversation.

“I love you guys and I miss you guys,” Abstract tells his fellow bandmates. “Basically like, I went to New York, made something. It’s not a solo thing, it’s a group album. It’s about the group, it’s about… That’s all I’ma say. I’ma just play it, and then we can have a discussion after and really like talk. I wanna hear everyone’s opinions.”

Abstract then proceeds to press play on what is likely a series of instrumental and reference tracks for the album, before the screen fades to black. The screen then reads “THE FINAL ALBUM.”

This past weekend, Brockhampton played their penultimate show at Coachella. During their set, Brockhampton member Joba wore a jacket that read “All good things must come to an end!”

Brockhampton will play their final show during this weekend’s Coachella dates.

Check out the trailer above.