Kevin Abstract Laughs Off DaBaby’s Homophobic Comments With A Wild Claim

Of all the people who were insulted — directly or indirectly — by DaBaby’s Rolling Loud claims that HIV/AIDS “kills you in two or three weeks” and his admonishment about performing fellatio in the festival’s parking lots, one artist who seems to have taken an amused view of the situation is Brockhampton’s Kevin Abstract. Rather than reaching out to inform DaBaby why his statements were offensive and incorrect like Sir Elton John and Madonna, he laughed off the Charlotte rapper’s words by claiming to have done exactly what DaBaby disapproved in his call to action.

While Abstract’s group, Brockhampton, was scheduled to perform at Lollapalooza on Sunday — the same day as DaBaby — the Texan rapper whiled the time away on Twitter, joking about the coincidence that put the two acts in such close proximity. Of course, it could have been an uncomfortable situation, as Abstract is openly gay and has rapped about sexual encounters with men in his lyrics, which he also referenced on Twitter.

However, rather than seeking out a confrontation, Abstract instead quipped, “JUS SUCKED A HUGE D*CK IN [THE] PARKING LOT,” directly referencing DaBaby’s earlier comments and showing he wasn’t about to let those comments deter him from being himself.

Ultimately, the Lollapalooza organizers resolved the dilemma themselves, removing DaBaby from the lineup and replacing him with G Herbo and Young Thug. Meanwhile, DaBaby continues to see the fallout from his comments (and his defiance toward the backlash they incurred), as Governor’s Ball also removed him from the lineup this week.