Please God, Let Cardi B And Megan Thee Stallion Wrestle The WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions

Rap and wrestling have seen increasing crossover in recent years, with artists like Snoop Dogg and Bad Bunny participating in WWE events and rappers like The Rock trying their hands at rocking the mic. With all this mixing between the two entertainment industries, it’s no wonder that wrestlers are now picking musicians for their dream matchups.

In an interview with Billboard, the reigning WWE Women’s Tag Team Champions said they would love to wrestle “WAP” rappers Cardi B and Megan Thee Stallion. Liv Morgan and Raquel Rodriguez were asked about their dream match, replying, “I would love to see Cardi and Meg The Stallion. I think Meg would be incredible. They’ve also been so active with us on Twitter and just responded to different things. Those two would be interesting to see in the ring. Us versus Cardi and Meg. Make it happen.”

Morgan even suggested a few types of matches for the two rappers. “I’m not gonna go easy on them, though,” she said. “They look like they could take the titles: an Extreme Rules Match, Last Woman Standing Match. Let’s do all of it.”

Such a match probably isn’t completely out of the question; Cardi has long enthused about her wrestling fandom on Twitter and the two rappers were pretty pumped to try out football training, so it’s clear they aren’t afraid of a little exercise. The matchup would be physically equal as well, as both pairs include a statuesque powerhouse (Rodriguez is six feet tall while Megan is 5’10”) and a pocket-size firecracker (Cardi and Morgan max out at 5’3″).

The rappers’ hectic schedules would likely make such a match improbable, but stranger things have happened and hey, if they’re into it, it could result in as entertaining a match as Bad Bunny’s recent blowout with Damian Priest in Puerto Rico. Put it on the books!

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