Chris Brown Accused Baylee Curran Of A ‘Set-Up’ In A New Interview

The strange saga that was tipped off with a possible armed threat followed by a day-long stand off involving Chris Brown continues to grow more entangled. Following the initial reports of what happened, and friends and otherwise hanger-ons saying their piece, we’re now at the heart of what happened as Brown himself has decided to speak out. In an exclusive with Good Morning America, Brown proclaimed his innocence going on to say that Baylee Curran, the woman accusing him of assault with a deadly weapon, concocted the whole thing as a “set-up.”

Curran, for her part, is sticking with her story, telling ABC News that she was at Brown’s mansion with a dozen or so other people when she saw the box of jewelry and he held a gun to her face telling her to “get the f*ck out.” Mark Geragos, celebrity lawyer who has defended the likes of Michael Jackson, Kesha, Winona Ryder and Scott Peterson, maintains that upon LAPD’s search of the house, there was no gun or jewelry found that Curran was speaking of. He also has presented a text message that suggests that Curran felt disrespected, so she created a plot to set Brown up, saying, “I’m going to set him up and call the cops and say that he tried to shoot me, and that will teach him a lesson.” The text is still waiting to be authenticated.

But here is where the story gets really weird. ABC, whose news branch is reporting the story and conducted the interview with Mark Geragos, has a new drama premiering this fall based upon Geragos’ life as a celebrity lawyer and fixer. And the pilot episode? The story involves an attorney arriving at a lavish mansion to help diffuse a situation with his client who won’t surrender to the cops after a crime is committed.

If that isn’t the most *thinking emoji* coincidence, I’m not sure what is.