Chris Brown’s Alleged Assault Victim Is Wanted For Grand Theft

The Chris Brown/Baylee Curran saga just keeps getting weirder. According to TMZ, the woman who accused Chris Brown of assault is wanted in New York for grand theft.

The report says that Curran was vacationing with friends in New York City when they got in an argument in the lobby of The Plaza hotel. Curran allegedly ended the argument by snatching her friend’s Louis Vuitton purse and booking it. According to police reports of the incident, Curran dropped the purse while being chased by security, but made off with a Michael Kors wallet inside it that contained $200 and several credit cards.

Curran has an I-Card out for her, which would allow the NYPD to bring her in for questioning if she’s ever found in the city. Per the report, the incident also led to the victim filing a restraining order against Curran.

The model accused Chris Brown of pulling a gun on her after she touched a piece of jewelry inside his home. After a day-long standoff with a ridiculous amount of police, Brown surrendered and was taken into custody. According to Brown’s lawyer — who called the accusations against Brown “demonstrably false” — the singer is out on $250,000 bail.