Chris Brown Is Being Investigated For Battery Against Two Women In Separate Incidents

Once again, Chris Brown finds himself in potential trouble with the law. According to Miami’s NBC 6, the singer is being investigated for allegations of battery by two women for separate incidents that occurred more than a year ago in Miami. The investigation comes after the first woman sued Brown for $20 million for allegedly drugging and raping her on a yacht. He also has a copyright infringement case on his lap for “No Guidance,” his 2019 collaboration with Drake.

The first woman, who is a choreographer, dancer, model, and recording artist, claims the drugging and rape took place on December 30, 2020, and that it occurred during a party on a yacht that was docked near Diddy’s home. The second woman says she was uncomfortable on the yacht and decided to leave the party. However, two days later, the second woman and her friend were invited to meet Brown at his Miami Beach hotel suite.

According to the police report, during her time there, the second woman says that he approached her and shoved two of his fingers into her mouth. She alleges that his fingers had a white powdery substance on them and that she blacked out for several hours and woke up in the suite without her friends or her cell phone. She later filed a report with Miami Beach Police after learning about the lawsuit that the first woman filed against Brown.

Miami Beach Police confirmed to NBC 6 that both incidents are under investigation and that once it is complete, it will be up to prosecutors to decide whether or not to file charges.