Drake And Chris Brown Are Being Sued For Copyright Infringement Over ‘No Guidance’

Chris Brown and Drake are being accused of copyright infringement in a new lawsuit that alleges their song “No Guidance” uses parts of another artists’ song without permission, according to TMZ. Mr. Cooper and Drum’n Skillz, the artists suing Drake and Brown, say that “No Guidance” sounds just like their song “I Love Your Dress,” which was released three years before. Cooper, whose real name is Brandon Cooper, and Drum’n Skillz, real name Timothy Valentine, say that even inexpert listeners would hear the similarities, which they say proves “No Guidance” is principally derived from “I Love Your Dress.”

The lawsuit points specifically to the refrain of “She got it; she got it,” which they say Drake and Brown recreated as “You got it, girl; you got it.” While “I Love Your Dress” uses its line 16 times, “No Guidance” uses it 11. The duo also insists that a lyric using the phrase “flew the coop” was a subliminal shot at Cooper. You can compare the two tracks for yourself below.

In the wake of the lawsuit, though, Brown at least also got some better news in a separate case; TMZ reports charges were dropped in an assault case in which Brown was accused of slapping a woman so hard her weave came loose. Prosecutors cited a lack of evidence.