Cloud Nothings Are Polished And Relaxed On The Careening ‘Entire Entirely’

We are a week away from two of the best rock albums of the year being released — next Friday both Japandroids and Cloud Nothings will release their new records. Japandroids opted to stream theirs today, but Cloud Nothings are holding onto Life Without Sound a bit longer, but they still shared a massive new track off it today. “Entire Entirely” is the third single off the record, following up the discontented lead single “Modern Act” and “Internal World,” which we thought evoked Weezer.

This track surpasses both of those, leaning a rubbery melody into a careening chorus, as Dylan Baldi grapples with personal goals and growing as a person. Baldi has had a lot of success with his band, so it makes sense that he’d be reflecting on how and what that signifies. Overall, this song sounds like the band relaxing into their status as a major indie name. You can hear producer John Goodmanson’s polish on a song like this, sanding down some of the rougher edges to make this a fast rocking track with plenty of bite but no ragged edges.

Life Without Sound is the fourth album from the Cleveland in just six years, which is pretty quick! Especially considering some bands go that long in between releasing albums. Stream “Entire Entirely” above and look for the band’s new album out next week.

Cloud Nothings’ new album Life Without Sound is out 1/27 via Carpark Records. Pre-order it here.

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