Cloud Nothings’ New Song ‘Internal World’ Sounds Like Weezer For Androids

Cloud Nothings have proven themselves to be one of the better rock bands this decade and they’ve done it in the most understated way possible. While he hasn’t used his talent to create any grandiose statements (a la fellow “best rock band running” frontrunners Titus Andronicus) band mastermind Dylan Baldi’s ear for guitar-driven songs with unshakable hooks has driven four solid albums of unmistakably great rock.

Making it even more impressive is the fact that Baldi has done this while constantly shifting the genre he works in. His first proper full length was high-speed, neurotic bedroom pop that morphed into pop-punk on their breakthrough Attack On Memory and a post-punk freakout on Here And Nowhere Else. With the band’s newest album Life Without Sound fast approaching, it’s no wonder that Baldi is ready to try on another style. Namely, Weezer-core.

Everything about their newest video and song “Internal World” sounds how we all wanted new Weezer songs to sound. And the nerdy, creepy and bright aesthetics of the cyborg training video that serves as the song’s music video is primo Blue Album worship. Check it out up top, give another listen to the excellent single “Modern Act” snag Life Without Sound when it drops on January 27 via Carpark Records.

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