Conway The Machine Says Jay-Z Told Him He Isn’t Working On Any New Music

Jay-Z’s 2021 has been filled with business moves from all corners of the world. The billionaire rapper has bought his way into new ventures and sold his way out of others. The various deals involved his champagne company Ace Of Spades, his streaming service Tidal, Los Angeles-based fitness company LIT Method, and NFT marketplace Bitski. Through it all, some hoped the rapper would also be working on a new album, one that would be the follow-up to his 2017 solo effort, 4:44. According to Conway The Machine, however, who says he recently spoke to Jay about the possibility of new music from him, that is not the case.

“I was asking him, I’m like, ‘Yo, you gonna record more? You been cooking up, what you doing?’” Conway said during an interview with Nadeska on Apple Music. “He actually was like, ‘nah man, I ain’t, I ain’t’ and he was saying the way he records is kinda like how I do it. It’s gotta be a vibe. Like, I gotta hear something, they gotta take me there, I gotta be experiencing something, I gotta do something.

“I’m just sitting there soaking up jewels, you know what I’m saying,” he added. “But that’s what it was like with Hov. I’m a listener, so, I’ma sit back and collect all the jewelry as I, as much as I can.”

You can listen to Conway The Machine’s interview on Apple Music here.