Cordae Announces The Release Date For His New Album, ‘From A Bird’s Eye View’

When Cordae released his debut album, The Lost Boy, in 2019, it was as a newcomer who was then best known as a member of the YBN crew. Now, two years and a name change later, we know the release date for the album’s long-awaited follow-up, From A Bird’s Eye View. Preceded by the well-received singles “Super” and “Sinister” featuring Lil Wayne, From A Bird’s Eye View is scheduled for release on January 14, 2022. It’s also available for pre-order here.

On a Zoom listening session for the album ahead of the announcement, Cordae revealed the reasoning behind the album’s title, comparing it to The Lost Boy and pointing out his evolution stylistically since 2019, saying that on his first album, he felt reluctant to leave behind his old life and embrace stardom, while on his new one, he’s taking stock of how fame has affected hiim. He also shared that life changes, such as his first trip to Africa, losing a dear friend, and having to ride out a pandemic all contributed to his growth. The new album will have high expectations; despite being his debut, The Lost Boy was nominated for a Best Rap Album Grammy Award at the 2020 Grammys, as well as a Best Rap Song award for “Bad Idea” with Chance The Rapper.

cordae from a bird's eye view cover

From A Bird’s Eye View is due 1/14/2022 via Art@War and Atlantic. Pre-save it here.