Cupcakke Stomps All Over Her Latest Single Like An ‘Elephant’

Earlier this summer, Chicago rapper Cupcakke returned to the spotlight after announcing her retirement last year with “Lemon Pepper,” a standalone, upbeat anthem whose proceeds were donated to the Minnesota Freedom Fund. She followed up with “Discounts,” a roaring display of her talent for spitting eye-popping punchlines, a couple of months later. She continues her comeback today with “Elephant,” another bars-only example of just how dangerous her pen game is.

On “Elephant,” Cupcakke returns to full “rapper’s rapper” mode, blasting her way through a rapid-fire, three-minute verse packed with her signature, raunchy humor, sprinkled with some topical jokes to keep things extra zesty. There’s even a shot at Tory Lanez, who was recently charged with felony assault for allegedly shooting Megan Thee Stallion.

If her recent run is any indication, it looks like Cupcakke has refocused on music and might just be working on a new project to kickstart her once-promising career. 2019, she went on a spree of attention-grabbing social media antics in order to announce her retirement, revealing in a since-deleted video, “I will no longer be doing music. And all of my music will be coming off of every platform.”

She explained then that her decision was based on her worries about the effect her music could have on young fans, and her need to cope with a few personal problems, including a gambling addiction. While it’d be nice to see her fully back in the music game, as long as she’s in a better mental space, we’ll take these sporadic, low-stakes releases.

Listen to “Elephant” above.