DaBaby Shows Off His New Flow With A Song Preview From The Studio

After being plagued with accusations of always using the same flow, DaBaby teased a new one on Instagram. Ever since he first popped up in his current incarnation to take over the charts, critics of the Charlotte, North Carolina rapper have maintained that he hasn’t switched up his style enough to warrant the massive hype surrounding him. DaBaby himself even addressed the critique on his hit song, “Bop,” rapping sarcastically, “When you gon’ switch the flow? I thought you’d never ask.”

Well, it looks like those critics will have to find a new nit to pick soon enough. On Wednesday, DaBaby shared a preview of a new song in a video on Instagram, playing track over the monitors in his studio while sipping on a Corona beer (lol). The song features a revamped, slowed-down DaBaby flow over a surprisingly melodic, guitar-driven beat — a departure from the drum-heavy beats he usually seems to prefer — and he even croons a little on the chorus, proving that he’s a lot more versatile than some of his detractors may think.

The change didn’t go unnoticed; DaBaby’s “Oprah’s Bank Account” collaborator Lil Yachty posted an eyeballs emoji and joked “Someone’s looking for a new flow” in the comments, while Lil Durk, a pioneer of the melodic flow style, mentioned that he’d go “dumb dumb” on such a beat himself.

Check out the preview of the new song above.