David Bowie Prepared ‘A Number Of Anthologies’ To Be Released After His Death

01.23.16 2 years ago
David Bowie


It’s like some freaky, freaky dream. David Bowie is gone, and it’s really sinking in now. But in a way, he’s not. The Starman has given the world so much art over the last fifty years, he’ll never really be gone. Before he left the mortal plane, Bowie took steps to ensure that he will keep on giving to the world long after his passing. For the last five years, his personal archives have been rigorously catalogued, with some pieces shown at Bowie’s V&A exhibit in London. But, his most important gift to the world, his music, has yet to be fully tapped.

According to Newsweek, who spoke to someone close to Bowie, there is “a long list of unscheduled musical releases that Bowie planned before he died.” The first release is scheduled for 2017, and the era in which this release takes place is unknown, but what we do know is that the releases will likely come out of chronological order. Maybe its demos? Interviews? Making of featurettes? The anthologies could be anything. David Bowie always leaves us wanting more, no matter what it seems.

That may be somewhat frustrating, but it’s comforting to know that right up until his passing, Bowie was working on new material. He had five new songs demoed for a future album, all while preparing his vast body of work for future generations to enjoy many years after his death.

(Via Newsweek)

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