The Dirty Projectors Tease More New Music With ‘Inception’-Style Video

Since reemerging late last fall the Dirty Projectors have been relatively quiet. After teasing their first new music since 2012, the band released a full video called “Keep Your Name.” Taken together with the first-ever solo track from former band member, Amber Coffman, whose debut song was called “All To Myself,” it certainly seems these two records may tell two halves of the same story.

Dirty Projectors remains helmed by David Longstreth, and he’s prominently featured in both “Keep Your Name” and today’s new Inception-style clip, which the band shared via their twitter with the text: “Do Not Wanna Live In A Li t t le Bub b l e.” It’s a wordless melody, but features the same swelling orchestral strings and off-the-wall percussion and blips that diehard fans (me, and maybe you?) are already very familiar with.

The accompanying visual — two speech bubbles linked by crossing lines — is a clear call back to the band’s 2009 Bitte Orca album cover. That artwork featured Amber Coffman and another former member, Angel Deradoorian, inside the two bubbles. Now, the bubbles are empty, and that seems to be the theme of the accompanying song.

Considering Spotify accidentally promoted something called “Little Bubble” to subscribers late last year, it seems like that language will be involved, somehow. Watch the clip above and stay tuned for more updates in this molasses-slow rollout, the end result is sure to be worth it.