DJ Khaled Decided To Get A Haircut In The Middle Of The Desert In Saudi Arabia Because Why Not?

DJ Khaled’s known for pulling some pretty out-there stunts, but it’s all in service to his shtick of doing the things “they” said he can’t or shouldn’t do. A few weeks ago at a Miami Heat game, he rested his new Air Jordan sneakers on a silk pillow as a way of drawing attention to them (possibly as a way to distract from his recent disastrous dunk attempt). No post is too shameful to share, not even one about Drake’s unusual, restroom-related birthday gift for him. That’s part of his charm — or a reason to hate him, depending on where you stand.

His latest oddball flex is getting his hair cut in the middle of the desert, just because he can. In a video he posted on Instagram, his barber lines him up as he waves the camera around show off his surroundings. He delivers his new signature motto, “God did,” before signing off.

Say what you want about Khaled, the Grammys’ second-most-nominated rap artist, he certainly finds imaginative ways to spend his money. He also seems to share his videos not to belittle his followers but to encourage them to reach similar heights. Who knows what he might do next?