Drake’s Ex-Girlfriends Formed A Union Called ‘The United Tingz Of Aubrey’ In A Hilarious ‘SNL’ Sketch

Drake‘s discography contains several anecdotes about exes, former flings, and past loves. Whether the love manifested by way of a long-term relationship, or a brief chance encounter, you can guarantee Drake has written a song about them, or even included a vocal sample of theirs on an album interlude.

Keke Palmer, who hosted last night’s episode of Saturday Night Live formed a union comprised of Drake’s past lovers in a sketch called “The United Tingz Of Aubrey.”

“My name is Courtney,” said one woman. “I left Drake a voicemail once about an overdue car payment and now I’m an interlude on an album. How does that work?

“I served Drake some lettuce wraps at PF Changs in 2009,” said another woman. “I laughed at his little joke about our huge menus and apparently I’m his ex now. Make that make sense.”

Palmer explained how she ended up in the category of one of Drake’s former “tingz.”

“My name is Keke Palmer, and that ‘Kiki do you love me’ song ruined my damn life,” said Palmer referring to Drake’s 2018 viral hit, “In My Feelings.” “That man had the whole internet asking if I was the Keke. Well yes, I am the Keke, just not that Keke.”

Check out the hilarious sketch above.