Drake’s Comical Message To LeBron James For Breaking The NBA’s Scoring Record Was Met With Jokes From Fans

I said this last night but I think it bears repeating; Drake may very well be the funniest human being alive.

It’s not just that he constantly does hilarious things, consistently leaning into the public perception that he’s a total cornball. It’s that he’s always in on the joke. He knows how things are going to play, he does them anyway, and he laughs at himself as much as we do.

Take last night’s historical Los Angeles Lakers game; Drake was one of several music stars to congratulate LeBron James on breaking the NBA’s all-time scoring record. But instead of merely recording a straightforward message to the camera like Rihanna and Snoop Dogg, Drake staged an elaborate skit in front of a green screen.

At first, it appears that the Toronto star is standing in the gym at St. Vincent-St. Mary High School in Akron, Ohio. This seems like a completely logical thing for Drake to do — even a likely one — because Drake is the kind of guy who buys Pharrell’s old jewelry for nostalgic value. But then, the background shifts to a staged club VIP section as Drake “admits” he’s recording from a night out. Because Drake is also the guy who loves doing comedic sketches for award shows (it’s a shame he hasn’t hosted SNL again for the past seven years).

Naturally, his goofball moment landed differently for different people, but the reactions on Twitter have been pure gold either way. Check them out below.